Critical Missions Feature Story: Burkina Faso

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Such was the case in the Western African country of Burkina Faso with a population north of 22 million. Significant government investment in fiber networks had successfully established broadband connectivity across much of the country. However, widespread unrest and resulting damage to the telecommunications infrastructure was impacting the efficacy of the network, hampering the ability for people to communicate, transact, and conduct business. In some cases, entire towns in rural areas were completely disconnected. Repairing and restoring connectivity proved incredibly challenging for the country’s mobile network operators.

The Search for Secure Broadband Connectivity Solutions

The country needed a more stable alternative to fiber as they sought to restore connectivity as quickly as possible to offset the negative impacts on the economy each time an outage would occur.

The answer was satellite broadband and they turned to Intelsat for help. Working with local, in-country partners, the Intelsat team identified potential sites where satellite equipment could be deployed, and designed a robust network solution to ensure continuous coverage for affected areas, while procuring the needed equipment to begin building the network.

“I was thanked by the people when we finished the installation. Everyone was really happy because they were able to reach their families by voice and video calls which they could not do before.”
Babou Fulgence Nagalo
Oasis Networks (Intelsat Partner)
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Local Presence in West Africa Proves Invaluable

The initial design plan identified specific sites where available satellite equipment could be quickly deployed. In some cases, the teams were given just 24-48 hours’ notice to access a new site.

Rapid Broadband Connectivity, Powered via Satellite

In coordination with local security, the Intelsat team was able to reach even some of the most remote sites and begin establishing satellite-powered connectivity in a matter of weeks, removing much of the technical complexity for the customer. As installations ensue across all 23 sites included in the plan, Intelsat continues to work in close partnership with the customer, even training team members to manage the satellite network.

By leveraging expertise, accessing the right inventory, and removing equipment cost constraints, Intelsat has established itself as a value-added, full-service partner to the customer. In delivering more than just capacity and offering a scalable solution that meets the unique connectivity challenges in the country, Intelsat is restoring connectivity and, at the same time, improving people’s lives.

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