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Each day, millions of people across India’s biggest cities, smallest villages, and remote areas, turn on televisions with expectations of accessing the latest entertainment, sports, and news content from Sony, one of the largest media companies and most respected broadcasting brands in the country and the world.

From the latest blockbuster movies to cricket matches, gripping television series, soul-stirring music concerts, and reality TV shows, Sony’s diverse content offerings appeal to vast and varied audiences. When communities come together to watch, “Kaun Banega Crorepati?,” India’s version of, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” any interruption that inhibits viewing ability or compromises broadcast quality will simply not be tolerated by this demanding audience.

Broadcasting plays an especially important role in rural areas of the country where television content helps bridge the socioeconomic information gap and promote economic, cultural, and education development. Television also brings families and communities together to enjoy entertainment experiences, often through a single, shared television.

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Legacy broadcasters everywhere continue to face intense pressure from streaming services and non-traditional, internet-based content creators. This is particularly prevalent in India where more than 65% of the population is below 35 years of age and more inclined to adopt alternative TV viewing options.

Intelsat enables Sony to deliver the freshest and most compelling content with no delays or compromises in quality. With network redundancy and in-orbit protections that guard against interference, Sony has the confidence that premium content will reach its destination, keeping customers happy.

Sony has also come to value Intelsat’s flexibility and readiness to quickly navigate and respond to evolving government regulations. In partnering with Intelsat, Sony is assured that any regulatory changes will be complied with swiftly and adeptly with minimal distraction or disruption, ensuring business continuity.

For all these reasons, Sony recently extended its partnership with Intelsat for an additional five years, a true demonstration of the trust they place in the Intelsat team and network. Sony’s long-term commitment to Intelsat reflects their understanding of the unrivaled power of satellite and, more specifically, the value of Intelsat’s network and teams to successfully distribute content at all times and to all locations, no matter how remote.

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